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Dog Trainer

How Can a Dog Trainer Help My New Puppy?

There are few relationships in life more fulfilling than the one shared between pet and owner. A dog loves with its whole heart, providing adoration, comfort, and joy wherever possible. To best maintain a harmonious relationship in the household with man's best friend, it may be beneficial to consider working with the top dog trainer near me in Dallas, Georgia.

Are Training Lessons Right For My Dog?

All About Dogs Obedience Training specializes in personalized dog training services. The ideal way to build a healthier relationship between pet and owner, here are a few reasons to consider hiring the top dog trainer near me!

  • Enhanced Communication With Your Pet - Justin Tobias is the founder of All About Dogs Obedience Training. As a certified dog trainer, Justin understands how to better smooth communication between dog and owner. Many issues that manifest between a dog and owner are due to misunderstandings and miscommunication.

  • Training at Home — Justin is a traveling professional dog trainer and behaviorist. As a certified trainer with experience in the industry, Justin takes his services to the home of the client to ensure that their needs are always met. What's more, dog training from the comfort of home can lead to a more effective lesson as your dog will likely be more comfortable.

  • Personalized Training Plans — Every dog and its owner will have their own unique relationships and personalities. All About Dogs Obedience Training offers personalized training plans to meet each client where they are at. Behavioral modification services may manifest as anxiety adjustments, taming animal aggression, restricting jumping and lunging as well as overcoming fear for your pet.


Begin Dog Training Lessons Today!

As the top dog trainer near me for affordable training and behavioral services, All About Dogs Obedience Training is more than ready to help. Based out of Dallas, GA, Justin Tobias was trained and certified under the guidance of the Jo Thor Dog Training Academy. Reach out today to discuss a personalized dog training plan for your pet!

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